📈Setting Up Your Sniper Wallet

Steps on how to get up and running with Seipex's Base Sniper

1. Getting Access

Currently there are two methods of accessing Seipex's Sniper:

(Only one of these requirements must be met)

2. Linking Your Wallet With Seipex

  • After meeting the above requirements you can connect your wallet on: https://connect.seipex.fi/

  • This will check your SEI wallet for held founder's passes / held $SPEX tokens and grant you the respective roles in Seipex's Discord

3. Creating Your Base Wallet

  • In any text channel on the Seipex discord type /wallet

  • This will automatically generate you an EVM/Base compatible wallet and print out all the necessary info for you to send funds / add this wallet to your Metamask.

  • You can now send any amount of ETH to the generated Wallet Address

  • Clicking on the censored Private Key section will reveal this generated wallet's address private key which you can use to import this wallet to Metamask (Don't share this key with anybody!)

4. Updating Default Sniper Settings

  • Type /settings in any text channel in the Seipex discord

  • Click on the dropdown at the bottom of this message to modify the settings to your liking.

Gas multiplier determines how much gas you wish to allocate to your transaction.
Initial buy amount is what the amount in ETH the sniper will purchase on each snipe.
Buy and sell slippage are not modifiable at the moment.

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